The Bass That Ate Miami: The Foundation (2013) 9.36


Nonton The Bass That Ate Miami: The Foundation subtitle indonesia – A documentary feature about the hip hop music sub genre Miami Bass. Weighing out the music’s cultural impact, its influence on pop music, and being that it’s one of the only music genres South Florida has a legitimate claim of origin to, it’s extremely surprising that more people don’t know this story. Bass music was never exclusive to the Miami region, but these musicians were the ones who put Miami’s name on it and cultivated the exploitative image and party lifestyle that would become forever synonymous with the up-tempo Roland 808 synth boom. And while 2 Live Crew were the obvious champions, there was a stable of talented MCs, DJs, producers, label heads, and studio engineers whose pioneering contributions to the Miami sound have gone virtually undocumented until now.




Duration: Min


Release Date: 2013-08-08


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